USA Dance (Carolina Pines) Chapter #6091

Come with us and enjoy "Dancing in the Carolina Pines"

We are sincere in our invitation for you to come with us and enjoy dancing in the Carolina Pines. Maybe this is home for you or perhaps you're here for a brief visit in the Pinehurst/Ft. Bragg area. Consider adding us to your list of things to do.

If you have ever watched "Dancing with the Stars", consider it to be inspirational, somewhat on the level of the Olympics. Just as many of you enjoy a pick up game of basketball or a friendly round of golf, social dancing is a wonderful activity to include in your life. Our web site has been designed to tell you a bit about the Carolina Pines Chapter of USA Dance, our dance classes, the wide range of different dance opportunities in the area, a bit about ballroom dance in general with the "facts" and some etiquette pointers, some fun with the old movies and how to contact us or even better, join us for what will become a lifetime of fun. To see us in action check the photo gallery.